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The pernicious, toxic and inescapable lifelong effect of being disciplined physically – either to the point of abuse, or to the point that the distinction between acceptable and unacceptable blurs in your mind – is that you almost have to say you turned out fine, just to redeem the fact of being who you are. That you “turned out fine” is the only way to make sense of having once felt total terror or uncontrollable shaking rage at the sight of one (or both) of the two people expected to care most for you in the world. The thought that you might have ended up relatively OK or perhaps even better without all that fear is almost unbearable: the suffering only doubles if you admit that it truly had no purpose.

#4 Is Genius, But The Rest Of These Pictures Of Latte Art Are Okay Too

I’m gonna wear a (not-blood-soaked) Kent State polo shirt to work today and see if it gets any comments.

I have an opinion on Taylor Swift


I just recently heard “Shake It Off” for the first time because I’m good at avoiding popular music. The song is catchy and all, and I guess the song is about telling off her haters and so that’s cool I guess.

But if haters are hating on her, wouldn’t the better reaction be to actually shake it off, rather than to release a song that is basically just an announcement that you’re going to shake it off? Isn’t this just giving the haters more attention by singing about them in a song that’s going over the airwaves everywhere?

So basically I’m questioning whether Taylor is really shaking it off. I ask not out of hate but out of concern (and an interest in producing fresh new content for my cool blog). I guess my comment isn’t really an opinion on Taylor Swift but rather a question about how to deal with haters in general. Anyway, I was just thinking maybe she’s going about it wrong, but if she’s having trouble then I hope she gets whatever help she needs to feel better. Apparently her new album is strictly pop music and if that’s what she wants to do then that’s great and fine.

This is your annual reminder that the best 9/11 documentary is “102 Minutes that Changed America.” It is on tonight at 9 ET on History.

"Roger Goodell’s existence, who he is, what he has turned the NFL commissioner’s office into, is now symbolized by Ray Rice’s brutal left hand striking Janay Palmer and striking her again. Mr. Goodell is an enabler of men who beat women. […]

Any games played by Baltimore without its executives and the commissioner having been dismissed, and without Ray Rice being permanently banned by the National Football League, must be fully boycotted by all of us. If not, we become accessories after the fact.”


Click play for hilarious flaming beefs (to help ease the pain)!

7 Horrors of Ferguson Policing (Made Less Awful With Farts)

#7. The Police Never Filed an Incident Report for the Shooting of Michael Brown

After many days of putting off the report’s release, the Ferguson police have since admitted to never even filing one. Incident reports are incredibly important (and required), and they should ideally be written within 24 hours of the incident (for hopefully obvious reasons). But they didn’t even write one. Isn’t that fucking coo-coo bananas, y’all? I guess they either just never got around to it or never got around to wanting to tell the truth about it. Either way, there’s that.

Or there that is not, I guess.

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